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and serve existing and new patients in new ways that will work even during quarantine.

When you invest in this Masterclass, Dr. Phil and Vivienne  will show you the secret to the adding 5 Figures to your practice with this special Light technology.

Inside this online five day training program, learn secrets previously reserved for $10,000 private coaching clients. 

In just 20 minutes per day, from the comfort of your own practice, get actionable insights on how Chiropractors are using this technology to get thousands of new loyal patients through your door to find lasting relief from neuropathy and joint pain.

Time Sensitive: When you sign up on the next page, you will get instant access to our 5 Day LIVE and highly-interactive online Neuropathy Quarantine Cash Machine Masterclass. In less than a week you will learn how to start making five figure profits right away with our LED Light treating patients in your office as well as virtually.
Meet Your Doctorpreneur...
Dr. Phil 
  • Actively runs million dollar practices using the same techniques he will teach you.
  •  Has helped over 10,000 patients find relief using this technology.
  •  Founder of Dr. Biz Boom, a proven marketing system to never have to worry about where your next new patient will come from.
Meet Your Neuropathy Expert and Mentor...
  •  Actively runs multi-million dollar practices using the same techniques she will teach you.
  • Co-Founder of Dr. Biz Boom, a proven marketing system to never have to worry about where your next new patient will come from.
  •  Generated $200,000,000 in neuropathy program sales with her program.
  • ​Created Sales System used by hundreds of doctors offices nationwide.
Here Is What You're Going to Get When You Join The Neuropathy Cash Machine Masterclass
  • ​Get Access to Exclusive Neuropathy Mentorship: We teach this system inside of our 2- Day Intensive Bootcamp ($1,998 Value) and we are giving it to you for ONLY $27 when you join TODAY!
  • ​5 Days Of Daily Live Interactive Training Via Zoom and A Private Facebook Group: For 30 minutes each day in our private online mastermind group, Dr. Phil and Vivienne will go live to train you on exactly how to use our new light to bring in a stream of new patients through our proven system. 
  • BONUS: Get Our Cheat Sheet "Nutrition Guide for Neuropathy Patients"
$1998 Of Value For Only $27...
See What Other Chiropractors are Saying...
Dr. Terry Smith
"I've been using the lights I get from Dr. Biz Boom and they have helped our patients so much. We have other people that come in from different clinics and they say they've done different types of therapies and they don't use the light and we have found that you have to use these lights to get the kind of results that you want with patients. They do not get better unless you use the lights.

When I started 4-5 years ago, we would have them come in and it went from 20-40 visits to now they come in to a maximum of about 12 visits and then they buy a light to take home. They are then doing it at home 60 times before their next exam and the results they get are so much better.

So you have happy patients that are actually getting a great result and it's because of the lights they are bringing home.
"We have found that you have to use these lights to get the kind of results that you want with patients. They do not get better unless you use the lights."
Dr. Ryan Smith
"We use the Light. They are fantastic, they don't break. They bottom line, people get better when they use them. If they use them the way they are suppose to use them, they get better. That's what we see. 

So when we started, my father had a neuropathy program about 6-7 years ago. It wasn't going so well. He was doing maybe $10K-$15K per month. A couple years ago I joined his practice and started working with him. That is the time we joined Dr. Biz Boom. 

When we did that, we went from $10K-$15k to $40K-$50K pretty much just like that without much more effort!"
"We went from $10-20k/mo to $40-50k/mo,,,without much effort!"
Dr. Scott Beavers
"We really enjoy using the product. They allow our patients to treat themselves when they are not here in the clinic (part of our home care program) for long term results with various types of nerve damage and other painful conditions.

We use the Light Units for home care with our patients and that is part of their home care package. We charge for those services and they end up owning the devices. We provide the devices and show them how to use them and it becomes something that we can charge for, something that benefits the patient, and something they end up using for the long term. 

So it has really been a WIN WIN both for the patient and also for the doctor."
"This system is reliable. Solid results for years. When your patients win, you win."
Dr. Lloyd Decker
I think using the Light Therapy with our regenerative patients has been an added boost because with regenerative medicines, especially with Neuropathy, it's all about creating the right environment. You are doing that with diet, you are doing that with the regenerative medicine itself, and you are doing it with these lights that promote a healing response, that promote blood flow.

Anything you can do to get that environment the best you can is going to benefit the patient even more. I feel like my patients do the regenerative, the lights, and the therapy along with it, they get the best results."

"Our patients have seen benefits from day one..." 

Hey Doc,

If you've scrolled this far, I want share with you how I went from worrying at night about how to pay monthly overhead and my house payment to a highly profitable practice

Now I sleep like a baby, take incredible vacations, and have plenty of extra money at the end of the month for investing for the future.

All this was achieved by developing the best treatment and complimentary marketing system for patients suffering with peripheral neuropathy.

If you don’t have a consistent flow of high quality cash paying patients, then here’s a message you can take to the bank.

If you want to add this neuropathy treatment and marketing system to your business, attracting a constant flow of 100% high-value, cash-paying patients. This is for you.

Imagine being forever free from the worry of where your next new patient is going to come from.

My Name is Phil Straw. I’ve been a chiropractor in private practice for 23 years. I’ve been treating neuropathy  since 2010. As of this year, our marketing system has brought in over 48,000 new neuropathy patients to our five clinics. 

The best part? I’ve set up this same new patient machine up for Doctors like you all over the country.

It is proven to work in small towns and big cities and the simple yet powerful light you're going to get access to on the next page plays a huge role in unlocking this additional income stream. Pair that with the 5-day training from myself and Vivienne and you have a recipe for wild success.

If calls from your Newspaper ads or Facebook marketing are down to just a trickle of what they used to be, this is for you.

If your ad response continues to drop, you might have to make some drastic changes in your lifestyle.

I was in your shoes just a few years ago…

In 2013, my new patient flow started to get tight. We're talking scary low.

Response declined from my newspaper ads almost overnight.

New patients weren’t coming in like they used to, so I started spending more and more money running more and more ads. 

My overhead started to climb dramatically while my personal income dropped like a rock.

In less than six months I went from feeling on top of the world, making more money than I ever had, to struggling to just make payroll and rent.

I hired an advertising firm to make “better ads” and to put me on tv and the radio. I hoped this would be the key to turning it around. I spent a fortune with these guys and got dismal results. 

I remember thinking, I might as well have spent the money on lottery tickets!

It wasn't until 2014 that ONE introduction changed everything...

Call it serendipity, or grace, but in 2014 I was introduced to a man, who I now call the Yoda of marketing. 

Over the last fifteen years his marketing is responsible for over a billion dollars in sales for people just like you and me. 

He was using a marketing system that I never heard any "gurus" in chiropractic talk about.

I immediately asked if he thought it would work for my neuropathy practice?  

His answer was simply, “test it and you shall see”.

I proceeded to run a couple of small tests and had mixed results. I felt the great potential, but I was new and inexperienced. 

After seeing my initial results, my desire to learn, and willingness to take action, I struck some luck.

Yoda took me under his wing. 

He preceded to reveal and coach me on the secrets of the most underutilized marketing media in chiropractic. 

Mastering this method has leaped frogged me from making a good but inconsistent living to a practice and lifestyle of my dreams.

What kind of Marketing is this?

I know you’re expecting me to reveal something like a high tech, internet, Tesla driven marketing machine…

Well it’s not another Facebook program, or a bunch or "high converting" ads that don't live up to the hype.

Instead it's reliable, and powerful. This little-known method combines some of the best "old school" marketing methods with 'new school" supercomputing. 

It’s like dropping a Big V-8 engine into a TESLA. You get all the muscle car power without spending all your money filling up a gas guzzler.

This method combines direct mail marketing, which is historically the number one media for direct response, together with 21st century data mining.

Combine this with the technology of the LightSource LED light exclusively available on the next page you're starting to see how we take Chiropractors from six figure years to six figure months!

Explosive, Reliable and Predictable Results

Big data companies have so much information on us now it’s getting scary, especially if it’s used for the wrong purposes. 

But if Computer Driven Data Mining is used correctly and ethically it allows you to finally reach out and help neuropathy sufferers that truly value your care.

The Marketing Code Has Been Cracked

Over the last three years we have mailed over 8,720,000 pieces of mail for my offices and my affiliate doctors.

We have mailed over 550,000 test pieces alone. Different copy, formats, offers, fonts, colors, paper, sizes, and delivery methods. 

Plus, we tested hundreds of different variables of Big Data Mining to find the absolute best qualified neuropathy and knee pain patients.

All this effort allows you to deliver your message like a GPS guided value bomb to your ideal prospect. An exact repeatable marketing formula for you to experience the same amazing new patient results in your town.

Data is the new currency. You have seen the top companies going after it like gold. If data is gold, data mining is the gold rush of the 21st century. 

Data mining means more chasing patients and cutting fees.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, this can be the absolute best time to be in practice.

You’re just missing the GPS Ideal Patient System that will guide your future neuropathy patients turn by turn right to your office.

So, while most chiropractors suffer and complain about dwindling income and are on the fence of shutting down their practices and finding a new career, I am prospering with 5 practices. 

While other chiropractors are too busy haggling with insurance companies and dealing with less-than-ideal clientele, I have an average $7930-per-case value thanks to my ability to laser-target valuable prospects who care about their health and are willing to invest to see results. 

And while other chiropractors are working 6-7 days per week and working themselves to the bone for 12-16 hours per day, I work 20 hours per week while other people run my 4 existing practices. 

I’m not telling you all this to brag, but to let you know that I’m not some “seminar performer” that goes from seminar to seminar teaching systems, methods, formulas, etc. 

I actually USE what I teach!

I use the very same SYSTEM you will learn about in the 5 Days to 5 Figures Challenge.

This SYSTEM will allow you to attract 100% Cash Paying Patients, simplifying your life, allowing you to take a day off with the kids or hit the golf course.

This SYSTEM is the only way to move practices from being “small time” or a “second-class” practice—to creating a legacy that runs on autopilot, providing you with the ability to sell if you choose, and freeing up your time for years to come. 

You see, this is a RADICAL marketing solution that will transform your mundane practice into a MODERN practice that not only helps people get better from neuropathy but provides you with the income you deserve. 

Purchase just ONE or more of our LightSource lights and you will get instant access to our next LIVE 5 Day Neuropathy Cash Machine Masterclass. This will give you the steps to literally “clone” my neuropathy marketing system and have it done entirely for you—so you never have to worry about new patients again.

All of this will lead to an absolutely certain, substantial improvement to the efficiency of your practice, and will lead to greater take-home income. And it will give you greater free time and control so you can spend more time with family and take more vacations. 

Now I know you’re skeptical. That's totally allowed. You probably were like me. You bought the systems, the courses, the ads, etc.

They all promise to boost your practice. Trust me, I tested them all, and none of them did... until that fateful day in 2014 when I discovered the system you're about to learn.

Nothing is as all-encompassing and as easy as this system. It will give you such an abundance of motivated cash paying neuropathy and knee pain patients you can see why people have paid over $10,000 to learn what you're about to learn in the 5 day challenge.

It is important to note, this system will only work for one doctor per area. 

Once someone from your area is accepted, all others will be permanently locked out. 

Since there can be only be ONE doctor who treats neuropathy in your area to use this system, it’s really important you NOT let it be someone else...

If you get anything from this letter, get this: the TRUTH is you need a comprehensive patient generating SYSTEM that allows you to not only attract your ideal patients, but also positions you as the neuropathy expert they trust and respect.

If you don’t have a SYSTEM for attracting the “right” neuropathy patients, then you’ll be struggling in your practice...succumbing to increased competition, forever stuck dealing with $25 co-pay Medicare patients. You'll be waking up in the middle of the night worrying how to pay your bills just like I was before I found this system.

Now’s The Time To Take Action!


You cannot simply "hope and pray" that things will change anymore.

You cannot try to “get ahead of it all” by running faster and stretching yourself thin anymore.

It's time to start thinking about the easy ways to put that BOOM in your business and this system is your path to success.

In Your Service,
Dr. Phil Straw 

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